DS Active LED Vision

See better in the dark and be the centre of attention with DS ACTIVE LED VISION. The projector headlamps come alive the moment DS 7 CROSSBACK is unlocked. It’s a feat of technology and styling that together make your life safer.

DS 7 Crossback

3D Full LED Rear Lights

Inspired by our DS E-TENSE concept car, 3D Full LED rear lights have a three-dimensional motif like the scales of a reptile. We think they’re an entrancing way to emphasise DS 7 CROSSBACK’s power of attraction.

DS 7 Crossback

Strong points

Quality craftsmanship

“Each material and every detail bear testament to the inspiration of high fashion.” Thierry Metroz, design director DS Automobiles
In the tradition of quality craftsmanship, each detail and material used with DS Inspirations (Alcantara, grained and even the guilloché pattern favoured by watchmakers) is carefully chosen and worked with.

DS 7 Crossback


Engine and Transmission

Enjoy a smooth yet dynamic driving experience with the DS 7 Crossback SUV’s 1.6 Turbo High Pressure engine paired to an Efficient 6-speed Automatic Gearbox (EAT6) with Quickshift Technology and paddle shifters.

The drivetrain produces 165 PS and 240 Nm of torque giving drivers a thrilling drive in their daily commute.

DS 7 Crossback